Meet Walter Lloyd

It is with great regret that we must announce the death of Walter Lloyd, the inspiration for this project.  He lasted long, but died aged 93, on 15th January 2018.

Many of the collaborators on the Walter’s Tools project were present at the funeral,  and a transcript of the funeral eulogies and photographs will be found here:

Booklet imageWalter is much missed by many people, and this website is now a fitting memorial to his love of life, and his enthusiasm for the history and the future of the Lake  District woodlands.

Thanks are due to Sarah Thomas and Grace Holland who directed and then administered the project, and to the many volunteers who gave so much of their time to bringing an idea into a reality.

The New Woodmanship Trust is now looking at ways of securing the project into the future.

Walter with tool



Please read on….

Walter Lloyd, at the remarkable age of 89, is a former charcoal burner, fell pony breeder and bow top wagon maker. He has an extensive collection of hand tools that he’s acquired over the last 30 years, relating to coppicing, coopering, tanning, blacksmithing, scything, basket making…you name it, it’s probably there. He is also a fantastic story teller, and has one for nearly every object.

We are The Woodmanship Trust, and have been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund ‘Sharing Heritage’ grant to conduct Walter’s Tools  – a restoration project to turn Walter’s collection into a usable public tool library. We have a great task ahead of us sorting, restoring and cataloguing around 300 tools with the able help of volunteers, ready for the library which will be stored at Stott Park Bobbin Mill from 2015.

If you’d like to be involved, whether to offer expert advice or to come and help as a volunteer, please contact us through this blog, via twitter @walterstools, or by email walterstools[AT]gmail[DOT]com


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